4 Tips to Help Your Child Transition to Pre School

The first day of school is a big deal, especially for preschoolers. It’s normal for them to feel a bit anxious about starting school and being in a new environment. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do as a parent to help your child transition to pre-school smoothly.

Here are four tips to help your child transition to pre-school:

1. Talk About Pre-School In A Positive Way

Days or weeks before school starts, start talking about child care centre brisbane in a positive light. Share your own excitement about their new adventure and tell them stories about your own experiences with school (if you have any). This will help increase their anticipation and get them excited for their first day.

2. Do A Walkthrough Of The School

If possible, set up a time for you and your child to visit the school together. This will help familiarize them with the layout of the school and the different classrooms. Seeing the school ahead of time will also help ease any fears or anxiety they may have about going on their first day.

3. Pack Their Backpack Together

The night before their first day, pack their backpack together with all the things they’ll need for school (e.g., a change of clothes, snacks, lunch, etc.). This will help them feel prepared and know what to expect when they get to school. It’s also a good opportunity for you to talk about all the different activities they’ll be doing during the day so they know what to expect.

Get your child involved in the process of picking out their supplies. Whether it’s picking out a new backpack or their favorite crayons, letting them be involved in the process will help excite them about their upcoming adventure in pre-school.

4. Have A Quick Goodbye On Their First Day

On their first day of pre-school, say goodbye quickly and confidently. If you linger too long or show signs of anxiety, it will only fuel your own anxiety levels. Reassure them that you’ll be back to pick them up later and give them a big hug and kiss before you go.

Plan some practice runs before the first day of pre-school. If possible, drop your child off at the designated drop-off spot a few minutes early on the first day so they can get used to the idea of being dropped off without you. If that’s not possible, try setting up a pretend classroom at home where you can play “school” with your child.

Starting pre-school is a big milestone for any child. It’s normal for them to feel a bit anxious or scared about starting school. However, there are things parents can do to help ease the transition. By talking about pre-school in a positive light, doing a walkthrough of the school ahead of time, packing their backpack together, and having a quick goodbye on their first day, you can help your child adjust to pre-school more easily and have a great first year!


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